The Great Pigsby Pokies

Are you familiar with the story of The Great Gatsby? He was known for his notoriously wild and lavish parties, hosted in his large and equally lavish mansion. According to the story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, several important members of society would grace the occasion with their presence. When you combine this lavish story with the concept of piggy banks, what you get is The Great Pigsby by Relax Gaming.

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How To Play

The Great Pigsby is a pokie that requires players to place your bets before spinning. Players can place and adjust their bets at the bottom of the screen using the command buttons. From there, they can increase and decrease how much they bet on each spin. From there, they can also adjust their auto play bets. The auto play feature in The Great Pigsby allows you to spin several rounds at once without breaking. The command buttons also allow the player to fine tune his line bet. Hovering over the pay line column by the side of the screen reveals the pay lines. They can also be reviewed in the pay table.

Features and Bonuses

Players need to pay special attention to their line bets because The Great Pigsby pokie has an incredible number of 243 different pay lines. The game’s algorithms are regulated and encrypted in a way that the player has a wide variety of options to win from. The Great Pigsby has a minimum bet of £0.10 and a maximum of £200. However, these seem to have little influence on the maximum win a player can receive in a single round. The player can win as much as 500,000 coins. Gameplay in The Great Pigsby casino is just like playing in any other casino because it has the same reels setup. Its five reels can display a total number of three rows per reel.

Winning Options And Tricks

However, the reels are where the similarities between this game and others end. Set with the background of a luxurious looking mansion, Relax Gaming seems to have made a game that embodies the “relax” in their name. The game has a total of ten symbols, ranging from high value to low value ones. On the high end are Pigsby himself, a female pig, and a gramophone player. There is also a jade ring and a glass of champagne. The lower value symbols are letter A through to the number 10. The Great Pigsby’s wild symbol is a gold coin and it shares some similarity with other pokies’ wild symbols because it can be used to replace other symbols.

Every time the wild symbol lands after a spin, it expands to fill the reel’s three columns. The coin is then collected into the piggy bank at the top of the screen. Landing the coin can also triggers one of two bonuses, determined completely at random. Sometimes, the wild symbol activates the wild reels respin bonus. Here, reels two to five have their rows covered by the wild bonus. The player is also granted one respin. The wild symbol can also trigger free spins. Here, the game explores its interactive graphics.

The player is taken into the castle and awarded ten free spins. The free spins increase the player’s odds of winning by eliminating a low value symbol after every two spins so that only high value symbols are left by the tenth spin. Whatever the outcome of the wild bonus, the player has high chances of enjoying one of The Great Pigsby bonuses. The Great Pigsby pokie also has a spin feature which is usually triggered at random. What it does is that it adds more pigsby symbols to the reels, which then increases the player’s overall payout.

Playing on Mobile

Any mobile user can enjoy The Great Pigsby because it is compatible with mobile screens. The experience can be enhanced by placing the mobile in landscape mode and using headphones during gameplay.

Key features

  • The Great Pigsby has a beautiful design and luxurious graphics
  • It also has a glamorous gaming experience with champagne spilling over in the reels, and some classy background music
  • The game has wild symbols that expand to fill the entire reel when they land


  • The game has 243 different pay lines which means more opportunities for the player to win
  • Wild symbols have monetary value
  • Playing The Great Pigsby gives you a very high chance of triggering a number of cool bonuses that can increase your earnings.


  • The game does not have any multiplier bonuses
  • There is no bonus game
  • The Great Pigsby does not have a progressive jackpot feature

Play The Great Pigsby for an experience in the lap of virtual luxury. Relax Gaming did a fantastic job in combining the legend of the great Gatsby, the concept of piggy banks, and an online pokie. While playing The Great Pigsby, the player is practically licensed to flex and splurge on champagne, jade rings and beautiful female pigs in the mighty halls of the Gatsby mansion. Additionally, there are no restrictions as the game is compatible for playing on mobiles. So, everyone can have a feel of what it’s like to live and win as The Great Pigsby.