Starlight Kiss Pokies

Starlight Kiss pokies is a romantic themed pokies that uses the rose bushes the beautiful lamps and clocks to create a romantic atmosphere around it. It is a 5 reel, 30 payline video slots that running on the Microgaming software platform. It features symbols of romance such as the wildcard that is the kiss logo, the scatter that is the bonus kiss icon and scatter mansion. It was even launched just before Valentine’s Day to enhance the feel and appeal.

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How to Play the Starlight Kiss Pokies

Starlight kiss slots follow the general principles like the other online video slots. It contains five reels and thirty paylines on which the player can place the bets. To play the starlight kiss pokies, the player begins by selecting the number of playlines the player would like to place the bets on. As a rule of thumb, the larger the number of paylines one bets on, the higher their chances of winning. After selecting the paylines, the player then goes ahead to set the value of each coin. Starlight pokies allow the player to select a coin value that ranges between 0.1 and 0.25.

The maximum number of coins allowed to be placed per payline is 20. This brings the maximum amount one can place in one spin is 150. It is advisable to place a small number of bets in all lines rather than huge amounts in specific lines leaving out the others. Once all the bets are in place, the player can then proceed to spin the when. This is done by clicking the spin button on the screen. For uninterrupted spins, one can opt to use the auto spin option which is more hands-off.

Starlight Kiss Pokies Bonuses and Features

Apart from the unique romantic background and the corny music that sets you in the mood of a candle-lit dinner, Starlight kiss slots offer special features that make the game unique and interesting. For starters the game has 30 paylines, this is unlike many online video slots by Microgaming software that offers only 15 paylines. The high number of paylines accord the player a higher chance of winning.

The appearance of the couple (the man and the woman icons) on reel 2, 3 and 4 will trigger a romance bonus round. The round is characterized by ten different items to select from. These items each bears a certain bonus in terms of wins and multipliers that will apply. The player will be allowed to choose three items randomly from the collection. These wins and multiplier will be added on to the left side of your screen as the number of hearts obtained increases

Presence of three or more scattered mansions in the reels will trigger 14 bonus spins which can be retriggered once such combination on spotted on the reels.

Winning and Tricks

To capitalize on this game, a player needs to fully understand the different features of the game. The first features that can be exploited are the starlight kiss pokies bonus rounds. This is obtained if three or more scattered mansions are seen in the reel after a spin. The bonus rounds increase the chance of the player to try the slots without any extra costs. The beauty of these bonus rounds is that they can be retriggered giving a player more chances.

The other feature to be exploited is the romance round triggered by the appearance of the “lovely couple” on the reels. Of the ten items given, the selected three can drastically increase the multiplier giving the player a chance to a heavy payout.

Another silent feature that should always be capitalized whenever playing slots is the number of paylines. A player should always strive to place bets on a huge number if not all the play lines to increase chances of winning.

Playing on Mobile

Starlight Kiss slots is a product of Microgaming software. It has been adopted by some online casinos and gambling firms. The platform allows mobile users to access and participate in real-time video slots which accords the players the near-authentic experience of a real live casino. The experience saves gamblers and slots enthusiasts all over the world the expenses that come with traveling to a real Starlight kiss pokies casino.

Key features of Starlight kiss pokies include

  • 30 payline option
  • The option of a mixed pay combination where the man and the woman both act as wild cards
  • The romance bonus round

There are pros and cons to playing the starlight kiss pokies

Some of them include:


  • High RTP of 96.52%
  • Multiple bonuses such as the bonus round and the free spins
  • The high number of paylines to bet on


  • Limited coin value that cannot exceed 0.25
  • The number of free spins is fixed at 15
  • The high number of payline can stretch the bet amount placed on each line


The starlight kiss pokies are unique in that they allow the users to experience the romantic atmosphere while offering numerous features that favour the players. Sign up and play starlight kiss pokies today.