Starburst Pokies

If you’re looking for multiple chances to win big on one of the internet’s most popular pokies, look no further than NetEnt’s massively successful Starburst slot. You can find this popular pokies game at a wide range of online casinos, because NetEnt is one of the biggest third-party providers of online slot and pokies games in the gambling industry.

The Starburst slot itself is designed like a futuristic and colourful sci-fi event, with a range of different jewels and top-notch sounds. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular pokies games online today, and that’s because it’s fast, sleek and easy to play.

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How to play Starburst Pokies

Playing Starburst is simple and easy. You don’t need to be a professional gambler or even someone with any experience in online casinos at all to start playing and winning straight away. The good news, if you’re new to online pokies, is that you can start to enjoy massive bonuses at most casinos, so you can start playing Starburst with extra cash to help you win big. While many online casinos limit the bonuses that are available to table games like blackjack, they’re often super generous when it comes to slots, and Starburst is no different.

Wondering how to play Starburst? It’s super-easy to get the hang of. Simply click on the Starburst logo in your casino lobby (whether you downloaded the software or are playing a browser version). It should only take a couple of seconds to load, and then you’ll be ready to play, enjoy and win.

Once Starburst has loaded, you might want to select a few options. The sounds are a great part of the fun on these slots – but they aren’t for everyone. If you want to play and win quietly, it’s easy to switch them off. Then you’ll need to select your bet level from between 1 and 10. This isn’t the amount you’ll be spending per bet, but the amount of lines you’ll be using. The more lines you select, the higher chance you have of landing a combo and winning. Bet level 1 will open 10 lines but bet level 10 will use 100, so it works in multiples of ten.

After you’ve selected your bet level, you then need to select your coin value. This can be anywhere between $0.01 or $1. The coin value is multiplied by the lines in your bet level when you hit spin. That means that each spin can cost from anywhere between ten cents and $100. Make sure you select a level and coin value you’re happy with and that fits your budget and bankroll.

After you’ve set the slot up, you can start spinning and hopefully winning. Just hit the big button in the middle and sit back and enjoy. You won’t need any specific knowledge or expertise to start winning (unlike other casino games like blackjack or baccarat). You’ll be alerted automatically when you win and the funds will go straight into your bankroll. Remember, you can change the coin value or amount of lines you play at any point, if you want to start risking more or limiting your risk. If you want to sit back and enjoy the game without having to spin every time, you can use Starburst’s simple and effective auto play feature, letting you respin automatically.

Features and bonuses

If you think you’re just playing a standard slot with a normal pay table and a max win of 200 coins, you’re very much mistaken. The reality is, everything steps up a level on this game when you see the rare Starburst Wild symbol – and that’s what everyone on Starburst is playing for. This Starburst Wild feature will open up a bonus play round that could lead to a mega jackpot of 50,000 coins. One thing to remember is that as jackpots and big wins are measured in coins, the higher the coin value you select prior to playing, the bigger the jackpot you could be winning. 50,000 coins at $1 a coin is obviously $50,000 – but 50,000 coins at 1 cent per coin would only be $500.

Winning options and tricks

One of the main ways to win on Starburst slot is with the Starburst Wild symbol, as we just looked at. On regular play, the most coins you can win is 250, which is still well worth having.

While there aren’t any big tricks to help you win, it could be a good idea to make sure you play the most lines possible, giving you more chances to win. if you aren’t happy paying too much per spin, you can always lower the amount per coin rather than the lines you’re playing. You’d hate to see that Starburst Wild symbol pop up on a line you aren’t playing.

Playing on mobile

Starbust is one of the best-designed pokies available and it’s compatible with tons of different mobile devices on loads of mobile casinos.

Key features

  • Auto play spin
  • Multiple lines available
  • Big jackpot bonus


  • Streamlined design
  • Multiple ways to win
  • Compatible with mobile


  • Limited bonuses
  • Small regular jackpots
  • Not much skill needed


If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to win at online pokies, look no further than Starburst. It’s one of the most popular games in its field for a reason, and if you learn it at one casino – you can play it almost anywhere. Start enjoying big bonuses today with Starburst.