Riviera Riches Pokies

There is a certain opulence and affluence that come with this particular pokies. It represents the high and fast life of casino gambling. Riviera riches pokies is a 15 payline video slot running on the Microgaming software platform. From its layout to the luxurious symbols, Riviera Riches pokies is designed to mimic the pinnacle of the gambling society. Its features are equally appealing, playing the Riviera Riches slots journeys you to a world of real, high-end gambling life.

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How to Play the Riviera Riches Pokies

To be a part of this priceless experience one must access the video slots online. This can be done via a mobile phone, tablet or a computer. Once you have the accessed the game the first step to playing will be selecting the pay lines you would wish to place a bet on. There are a total of fifteen bet lines to choose from. Select the ones you would wish to bet on and move on to determine the coin value. The game allows a coin value ranging from 0.1 to 0.5.

Depending on the amount you have, you can proceed to place bets on the paylines you have selected. This will be done in terms of coins. The maximum coin one is allowed to place on a line is 20. Having done all the above, you can then proceed to spin the wheel. This is done by pressing the button labeled spin. There is an option of auto spin which will re-spin the wheel after every spin automatically. To access this option click on “expert” then “autoplay.”

Riviera Riches Bonuses and Features

Just like any other pokies, the Riviera Riches pokies has the features of a wildcard, a scatter and a bonus symbol.

  • The wild card comes in the form of a Riviera Riches logo: In Riviera Riches, the wild multiplier is quite generous. Apart from replacing all the cards (except the scatter and the bonus symbol) and increasing your chances of winning, it also doubles the winnings acquired through its help.
  • The scatter is the money symbol: When three scatters or more are spotted anywhere in the reel it triggers twelve free spins. The free spins have a three times multiplier increasing your win amount exponentially. If, during a free spin, three scatters are spotted, another cycle of free spins is triggered increasing your chances of winning tremendously.
  • Then there is the bonus symbol: When the bonus symbol appears on reel one or five during one of your spins, the player is taken to a roulette where the player will gamble. The best part is that there is a four-time multiplier on this feature.

Winning and Tricks

Winning in Riviera Riches pokies is honestly quite easy compared to other slots. This is mainly because apart from the standard features, Riviera Riches offers additional features that not only allows the player to have a higher chance of winning, it also ensures the wins are big. The scatter symbol offers bonus spins which increase the chance of winning and even triggering other bonus spins at the same time having a three times multiplier. The bonus symbol, on the other hand, has a four times multiplier.

One can capitalize on the odds by placing bets on a high number (if not all) of the paylines. This ensures that whenever a winning combination shows up on the reel, one of your paylines has captured the combination. This trick will ensure that no combination will go uncaptured. Make use of the gambles that come at the end of the game and during a bonus round for a chance to increase your earnings.

Playing Riviera Riches Pokies on Mobile

Riviera riches slots is a video slots game powered by the micro gaming software. This software is accessible via computers and even smaller gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. Different online casinos have adopted the micro gaming software and are currently offering the games on their websites.

To play Riviera riches slots, visit Riviera riches slots casino sites for both free and paid gambling.

Key Features of Riviera Riches Pokies

Some of the outstanding features of this slots include:

  • The slots coin value ranges from 0.1-0.5 allowing gamblers to bet more
  • Riviera kings has five reels and fifteen paylines for gamblers to place their bets
  • Each line can take a maximum of 20 coins worth of bet

Pros and Cons of Riviera Riches Pokies

Here are some reasons why you should try this amazing game

  • The setup is designed to give the player a lavish experience of expensive high-end casinos
  • The game offers generous multipliers favoring big wins
  • High return amount, a player can win up to 30,000 coins

Some of the features could, however, use some improvement. These include;

  • The low RTP standing at 96%, many slots do better than this
  • Few number of paylines limits the odds of the gamblers
  • The odds of winning the Roulette bonus game is somehow low


The Riviera Riches slots is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding video slots out there. The reward comes in not only terms of wins but also the experience of the lavish gambling life. Play Riviera Riches slots for the ultimate pokies experience.