Rapunzels Tower Pokies

In this game by quick spin, you play as a prince and your goal is to climb to the top of a tower to rescue Rapunzel. But unlike Flynn Rider, you will also make money and win bets along your way to the top. Like most pokies, Rapunzel’s tower pokie is full of opportunities for you to increase your winnings as you make your way higher and higher. After you reach the top, you can not only rescue the princess, but also cash out on all your winnings.

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How to Play

To play Rapunzel’s tower, you need to bet an amount of money before each spin. You can use the command buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust how much you want to bet per line. Like other pokies, the amount of money you bet is equal to the amount you win, so in order to win big on Rapunzel’s tower, you need to bet big. Like other modern online pokies, Rapunzel’s tower is programmed and encrypted to randomly generate symbols when you play. This is in stark contrast to the spinning reels of physical casino pokies.

Features And Bonuses

The game has many of the same features and bonuses that you can find in other pokies. Rapunzel’s tower has 5 reels, and each of the reels displays a maximum of three symbols. Extra symbols like wild symbols and scatter symbols only appear on specific reels of the game. The game also has a total of 20 pay lines running across the five reels. The pay lines can be viewed by hovering over the pay line numbers by the side or checking the pay table menu. Even though you cannot change the number of pay lines you play on, you can adjust your bet per line by using the command buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Winning Options And Tricks

The wild symbol in Rapunzel’s tower is Rapunzel herself, and it can be used to replace any other symbol that appears in the reels to complete a pay line. The wild symbol only appears in specific reels – reels two, three, and four. The wild symbol cannot however be used to replace a respin wild symbol or a scatter (bonus) symbol. The respin wild symbol is Rapunzel’s hair, and like the wild symbol, it only appears in reels two, three and four. The benefit of the respin wild symbols is that they remain in their positions after they appear and won’t leave the screen until you make a win. They can also be used to replace other symbols, except for scatters.

Rapunzel’s tower bonus (scatter) symbol is the tower and you are awarded ten free spins when you trigger them. If you trigger another bonus while the ten free spins are active, you are awarded another 8 free spins. Playing the game takes you up the steps of the tower. Reaching steps 10, 15, and 20 of the tower awards you two additional steps up. Each respin wild card awards 1 step up. The game also has an auto play feature where you can play multiple times without breaking. However, you will need to set how many times you want to play, as well as how much you are willing to bet.

The symbols that appear on the reels have different values. The king has the highest value of all the symbols. There is also the queen, and the prince, as well as other low value symbols. You can refer to the pay table for more specific information on the payouts. Unfortunately, the wild and bonus symbols don’t have any monetary values.

Playing On Mobile

Sadly, for mobile users, the game cannot be played on mobile phones. While you can launch the game page, most of the game screen will be cut out because the mobile’s screen isn’t large enough. To enjoy the full experience, you will need to use a computer.

Key Features

Rapunzel’s tower casino has three key features…

  1. You have a visible measure of your progress in the form of Flynn Ryder climbing up the tower, by the left side of the screen.
  2. Reaching the top of the tower awards you a 2* multiplier.
  3. You can be awarded up to 18 free spins from bonus symbols.


  • Rapunzel’s tower allows you up to a maximum win value of 35* or it’s wild symbol, which is in contrast to other quick spin games that have the value at 20*.
  • The regular symbols in the game have a relative high payout compared to other games by the same manufacturer: from 3* to up to 7.5*.
  • It has very beautiful graphics and a friendly user interface.


  • You only get a single multiplier boost and that’s when you reach the top of the tower.
  • Bonus symbols are non-paying, and only function to give you free spins.
  • Unlike other pokies, the game doesn’t have any bonus rounds.

Rapunzel’s tower is a fun online pokie to play, and it has quite a few winning opportunities. Even though you only get a 2* multiplier after reaching the top of the tower, you are compensated with a maximum win value of 35* for the wild symbols. While playing the game, you don’t have to worry about a line bet, and should only play in licensed and regulated online casinos. Aside from the relative low payout, Rapunzel’s tower is a pretty good game to play, and is recommended for online pokie lovers. Enjoy!