Cash Bandits Pokies

Cash Bandits pokies is an RTG (Real Time Gaming) Software game. Its interesting design provides you with the opportunity to join the other side of the law and run away with sizeable loot. Everything regarding the design of the game is thematic which encompasses a player in a make-believe life of a robber, and the well-rounded storyline improves the gaming experience to the maximum extent. Aside from being fun and exciting, the game offers various options for a payout. If you love a story where the usual antagonist is the actual main character, and you like them to get away with the loot, then this pokies game might just be made for you.

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How to play

The main gameplay has some pretty standard and straightforward features. The colorful, cartoonish screen shows five reels with symbols. In order to start playing, you would need to set a bet which can be as low as $0.25 and the maximum bet is $6.25. The next thing that you should do is set the number of pay lines- in this game maximum is 25 pay lines but you can lower it. Press the ‘spin’ button to get the reels rolling. The autoplay option gives you the opportunity to play without interruption, and there is the additional ‘speed’ option that controls the speed of the reels.

Features and bonuses

Colorful symbols like bank entrance, donuts, cops, robbers, and so on all have different wins. However, getting 3 Scatter symbols- Cops and Robbers badge, activates the Vault feature. You now have a chance to crack the codes on four different vaults (1, 2, 3, and 4 cipher codes) in order to get up to 90 free spins and x12 multiplier. Each additional time you get 3 scatter symbols Cash Bandit bonus gives you five additional free spins.

Winning options and tricks

In order to win money in this game, you would need to get at least two symbols in an active pay line. Maximum symbols in an active pay line are 5, and the winnings are bigger the more symbols of a kind you get. The highest winning symbol is the bank where you can get up to 1500 coins, the police officer follows with winnings of up to 1250. The symbols have different values, however, you should pay attention to the 2 special symbols: the Vault- which is a wild card, and can substitute any other symbol for a higher win in an active pay line, and the scatter- opens a bonus round providing other winning options. Collecting 5 wild cards gives you a win of 2500 coins.

As in any progressive pokies game, Cash Bandits pokies offer progressive jackpots which vary in amount. Check if the jackpot has been recently won in some of the Cash Bandits Casinos, as it can lower the overall jackpot amount. The jackpot is triggered randomly at the end of any spin, whether you won something in it or not.

Playing on mobile

The developer surprised its customers by creating a game that is available on mobile phones as well as on desktops. This allowed the players to enjoy their Cash Bandits pokies game anyplace and anytime, without any issues. What is really impressive about this is that there is no change in the game’s layout on a mobile phone or a tablet. It is exactly the same as when you are playing on a desktop.

Key features

  • The great Vault feature bonus round offers a possibility of winning up to 90 free spins and up to x12 multiplier.
  • Play Cash Bandits if you want a game that gives you payout even if there are only two symbols of a kind in an active pay line.
  • The game offers two progressive jackpots-minor and major, both of which make for a good payout or the player.

Pros and highlights

  • The Cash Bandits pokies’ design, sound effects, and graphics are great-colorful and innovative; more fun than in other slots games, and previous RTG games.
  • The game offers many opportunities for bonus rounds, spins, and progressive winnings.
  • There is a possibility to win as much as 90 free spins in the bonus round (the Vault feature).

Cons and potential flaws

  • In comparison to other RTG games, the payouts are smaller.
  • The bonus round seems a little bit dull in comparison to the main gameplay.
  • Pokies with progressive jackpots have a smaller payout chance.


Cash Bandits pokies game is an interesting RTG game that offers you with a thrill of being on the other side of the law for a moment. Luckily, there are no real risks for being caught by the police. The game is fun and addictive with a dynamic gameplay option. In spite of the fact that it is not the newest RTG release, released in 2015, Cash Bandits is still one of the most favorite games in the online gaming community. The game is a good choice for both beginners and experienced players and we readily recommend it.