100 Pandas Pokies

100 Pandas is a pokie based on 5 reels and 100 paylines. It is developed by IGT Software and the entire pokie is based on Pandas and Chinese/Asian culture. A bamboo forest can be found in the background of 100 Pandas pokie, while traditional Chinese music is playing.

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The best thing about 100 Pandas pokie is those 100 paylines are not fixed. This basically means that you can select the number of lines you want to play with. However, you do not have complete control here since you can only choose between 1, 10, 25, 50, and 100 lines.

When it comes to payouts, they are not so high since 100 Pandas is based on 100 paylines. Let’s start with the basics. Almost every pokie out there is offering these low paying symbols. However, payouts are not the same. For instance, 9 and 10 symbols are only paying x1 of your bet. Given the fact that it is really hard to get 5 of a kind, this means that you will not be rewarded for landing any of these two symbols.

J and Q symbols have different payouts as well. If you are to land 5 of these symbols on an active payline, you will win x1.25 of your total bet. Still, this is not that much. Lastly, out of all lower paying symbols, K and A are paying the most. If you are to land 5 of those while playing 100 Pandas pokie, you would win x2 of your bet. If you are to land two Ying-Yang symbols, you would get x2 of your bet.

When it comes to the pictures or higher paying symbols, there are 5 of those in total. Sadly, they are not paying high either. The lowest paying picture symbol is paying x3,5 of your bet. Lotus flower symbol is paying x3,75 of your total bet, while Panda in the green background is paying x6 of your bet. Furthermore, panda symbol with the purple background is paying x6 of your bet as well. Lastly, a wild symbol is based on a darker background with three pandas. If you are to land 5 of these while playing 100 Pandas pokie, you would be rewarded with x10 of your total bet.

How to play

Given the fact that this slot can be played with a minimum bet of 1 coin and a maximum one of 3000 coins. All you have to do is set your stake and you are good to go. Do not forget that you can also adjust the number of paylines you want. From what we were able to find out, this game cannot be played via spacebar, so you will not be as relaxed as you can be.

Features and bonuses

100 Pandas pokie is not flashy or anything like that. IGT decided to keep it simple, and that is why there is only one bonus game for this pokie. If you are able to land 3 Ying-Yangs on reel 2, 3, and 4 you will be awarded with 10 free spins. Alongside that, x2 multiplier has been put in place for those 10 free spins.

Once you have hit 3 Ying-Yangs, the entire background will go dark. Scatter symbol background will turn green, while wild symbols will get a golden border. Even though this bonus feature is not so hard to hit, it does not pay so high. Usually, I was getting wins from x20-x60. But as I mention, this bonus is not so hard to trigger, so there is definitely money in 100 Pandas pokie.

Winning options and tricks

There is not much to say about 100 Pandas pokie that has not been said earlier. However, there are some tips that can be useful, especially if you want to make quick money. From my perspective, you do not even need 100 active paylines. If you are to trim those down to 50, you still have a relatively high chance to land something good. Furthermore, you can also increase your stake if you are to lower the number of paylines.

Another piece of advice that I can give you is to not stick around for a while with this one. If you are able to land free spins for a couple of times, take it and get out. It is going to be hard for you to keep your winnings, especially if you are playing on 100 paylines. Let’s not forget that wild symbols are stacked in this one, and no one knows when will you hit 3 or 4 full reels of those.

Playing on mobile

Making a pokie available for all the possible devices on the market is a priority for all pokie developers. It is the same with IGT. 100 Pandas pokie is definitely available on your mobile device, and it is exactly the same once compared to the PC version. However, setting your stake and checking pays can be a bit tricky at times.

3 key features

  • A lot of paylines
  • Free Spins are easy to hit
  • Stacked wild symbols

Pros & Cons


  • Flexible paylines
  • Scatter feature applies x2 multiplier
  • A lot of chances to win with stacked wild symbols


  • Low payouts
  • Only one bonus feature
  • Looks a bit outdated


If you are looking to make quick money, then 100 Pandas pokie is exactly what you are looking for. Even though this pokie does not pay a lot once compared to other games, it can definitely pay out a huge amount of money. For instance, if you are able to land 3 or 4 reels of stacked wild symbols you can easily get x200 of your bet.

Adjusting the number of lines is also great for this pokie. This means that you are in control, and if you feel like you want to play on 25 or 50 active paylines, there is nothing stopping you. Landing a bonus feature is not hard either, and this is a huge plus for this game. If the developers decide to up the pays, this could become one of the best IGT pokies on the market.